3 Trends You Need To Add To Your Spring Wardrobe Now

Spring has come quicker than ever and thankfully the weather is abiding by the season. So far, this Springs trends have been my favourite. This is the time to play around with your style and try almost anything. From prints to pastels and cropped blazers, this Spring is truly your season to shine with your style. I especially enjoy seeing bold colour combinations and layering that appeals to the eye. We’re getting a blast to the past with the Y2K aesthetic and they are being integrated into almost every outfit. That’s another post for another day though! Here are the top 3 trends you need to add to your Spring wardrobe if you haven’t already:

Scarves as Tops

Photo by: @k.tharsii

This trend speaks for itself. I absolutely love that we can be creative with something we all have in our wardrobes. You can try this trend in many different ways, including layering! It’s really up to you on how creative you would like to be with it.


Vests were super trendy in the winter and I’m happy they’ve found their way into the Spring as we transition to summer. Here’s how you can style vests for Spring:

Photo by: @alyssastellato | For more inspiration, visit Alyssa’s Tik Tok


I’m also surprised to see leather/pleather make it’s way into the Spring. I absolutely love that it gives off a fabulous vibe. You can use it to dress up any casual outfit. Check out this example:

Photos by: @alizahussainnnn. For more inspiration, visit Aliza’s Tik Tok & Youtube

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