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Falling Into New Habits

Hello Fashion Bloggers,

Keeping in theme with my last post I have been thinking a lot about rules. Fashion is full of them! In the fashion world there is no shortage of do’s and don’ts lists, all carefully compiled. These lists seem to roll out at the start middle and end of every season. Although these tips and tricks on how to look our best can be useful. I do wonder how much these rules limit our own ideas. Exactly how much of what we wear is a decision we make on our own versus decisions made for us by the fashion elite? With the arrival of fall I want to us to challenge the norms that are thrown at us. I want us to focus on our own self-expression rather than the rules. Let’s take a look at some of the rules that can be broken in the best way. Here’s my list of four common rules and fall fashion trends I think we should all ditch (if the mood should strike us of course).

Top Four Fall Rules to Break:

1. Bright Colours

Stella McCartney Fall 2019

To kick off the list, lets talk colour.  We tend avoid bright colours in the fall often opting for more neutral earthy tones. Now, as somebody who thrives during the fall season, it can be discouraging for me to be surrounded by so many darker tones. Fall fashion trends include, forest greens, taupe, burgundy, burnt oranges, and other cool tone neutrals. I’m sure you’ve already come across all the ways to stay on trend wearing any number of combinations of these “fall” colours. Well, I am here to say throw those charts out the window. There is no reason why we cannot re-purpose our favourite bright summer clothes. I’d love to see more bright colours January through December.

If my enthusiasm for holding on to colour as temperatures drop isn’t convincing enough, this years fall/winter shows seem to agree. If this years fall/winter collections are any indication for what we can expect this year, I cannot wait to see Blacks and neutrals kicked to the curb (at least for this year). Many 2019 fall collections showed a lovely infusion of colour that I haven’t seen in prior years. Tom Ford, Valentino and Stella McCartney runways were an array of yellows, deep merlot to bright cranberry reds, soft romantic pinks, and bold violets. One of the most common colour stories I noticed was Pistachio green. A color ordinarily reserved for fall/summer collections. Not this year!

*Pro Health tip*

Another benefit to wearing brightly coloured clothing is how much they work to elevate mood. Bright, happy, “summer colours” can help to keep seasonal blues at bay. Keeping our homes and wardrobes a little brighter and happier despite style experts advice can really impact mental health. So I say, this change in colour pallets is a necessary one. I know I will be reaching a little more for clothes that make me feel good, and not just because they look cute on. Our brains respond to colours differently, so in the spirit of a healthy style sense let’s be bold and combat the winter blues by wearing our best and brightest!

2. Prints and Textiles

Prada Mens Fall 2019

I know prints aren’t exactly one size fits all but mixing even the simplest of textiles into your outfit can go a long way! Adding a piece of leopard, zebra print, or thick stripes can help to make any fall look stand out. For a more subtle flair rather than reaching for all the prints at once, I recommend starting by playing with different fabrics. If you are somebody who is terrified of the idea of loud prints it can help to get an idea of what contrasting materials look like when paired together.

Mixing faux leathers, furs, and suedes with denims, shearling, or satin are a great way to experiment while staying within the safe zone. Multimedia can help to add the same dimensions as a print without the risk. Another tip when styling prints for fall is to stick to patterns within the same colour story. Wearing black or burgundy head to toe can be really eye catching when prints are incorporated. Suddenly a monochromatic look is taken to the next level.

3. Shorts

Now, this is one that I know is going to have some people side eyeing me. But yes, you read that correctly. Shorts. One of the reasons so many people are drawn to fall wear is the capacity it has for layering! I live for layering. I love styling looks that call for a lot of layers. It makes simple pieces that much more versatile and is great in times where resources are limited. I am somebody who layers for clients and in my own personal wardrobe all year round. But in the fall layers are touted for obvious reasons. We can wear all the layers we want and don’t have to worry about overheating. The beauty of all this layering is that shorts, short skirts, and even t-shirts can be re-purposed for the fall.

With just a bit of creativity these pieces can be worn all year round. Instead of sticking that skirt in the back of your closet to hibernate for the winter, consider pairing it with some thigh high boots, thick stockings or, if you’re a little braver, layered atop another skirt or even a pair of jeans. Risque I know but if you manage to execute it well you will be amazed how great it can look. Check out this guide for effortless layering for extra tips! https://runtheworldsummit.com/theblog/2019/11/7/a-stylists-guide-to-effortless-layering

4. Sunglasses

Kenzo Eyewear Fall 2019

 Now this last rule is a bit more obvious to break. Like yes, obviously you can wear sunglasses all year round. Of course you can, and you should! But I include this because so many people forget the importance of UVA/UVB protection year round. So, although technically sunglasses  probably aren’t something you would find on a, “what not to wear” list, I do think it’s worth stressing.

The importance of shades and sunscreen during these colder months is not something to overlook. It goes beyond fall fashion trends. Especially on days where the sun is brightly reflected off of snowbanks. So, during fall and winter remember whether you decide to stay on trend, push boundaries or just dress to stay warm remember shades and sunscreen as your staples, every day. That’s the MOST important takeaway today. Remember to have fun with your style and be kind to one another.

Until next time fashion bloggers, stay beautiful.

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