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Alayiah Lindsay is the creator of the website Layas Life, a blog dedicated to her love for her new daughter Zayla. Alayiah writes about her experience with motherhood, her style, and her struggles as a young mother. Describing her personal style as “mommy chic” she pulls inspiration from social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Alayiah plans to stray away from dressing as a conventional mother by incorporating her old style into her new lifestyle.

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How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as mommy chic. After I had my daughter I went from dressing up for work at Le Chateau and school every day to dressing more casual, functional, and stylish. It was quite an adjustment to not have to look perfect all the time…with that, I realized that just because I’m a mommy doesn’t mean that I can’t still look good. As I always say when you look good you feel good!

Where do you normally pull your fashion inspiration from?

I pull most of my inspiration from Pinterest…so mommy I know. Follow my boards here!Another place is Instagram of course, I’m always scrolling looking for outfit inspiration. I think every girl is guilty of scrolling through social media for hours looking at different outfits.

Who would you say is your most recent fashion icon, or someone you have looked up to in the fashion industry?

I personally don’t look up to anyone in the fashion industry but instead, I look for inspiration. What I mean by that is, if I’m on social media and see Kim Kardashian in a killer outfit I might screenshot that and try to find pieces to make it my own. Or if I see someone I follow in a cute dress I’ll message them and ask where they got it from!

How has your style changed over the past couple years?

My style has changed dramatically after becoming a mom. Before I had my daughter Zayla I would mostly shop in the same places. After having her I started to look for comfortable and functional outfits that I still considered fashionable! I breastfeed and I would rather jump off a cliff then wear those “mommy breastfeeding shirts”…I’m sorry they’re just not cute. Finding shirts, dresses, and jumpers that I can easily breastfeed from is a must! After I had Zayla I began to let myself go…i hate to even admit that. I just assumed that because I was a new mom I really had no business dressing up…where was I really going? I soon realized that just because I was a new mom did not mean I had to stop dressing up like I used to. Over this past year, I’ve come to understand the balance between dressing comfortable and functional as a new mom and still keeping my old fashion sense.

Zayla is wearing clothing from Instagram Stores – Miri Miri and Itsabowtique

Published by: Taylor Legedza-Dias

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