What to Know Before Buying Followers on Instagram

You see some accounts with their numbers going up by 1,000 followers daily and wonder, “how?” So you feel tempted to buy followers and keep up.

Why are you on Social Media?

If you can relate, the first thing you should ask yourself is why you are on social media in the first place. If it’s for followers and fame, you might have a long way to go. People can also see the reason why you’re on social media. If you’re on social media for authentic reasons, the followers will come in numbers.

Ask Yourself, “How does My Profile/Online Presence Benefit Others?”

If you feel the need to buy followers, that means there’s something wrong with your social media strategy and the posts you are sharing online. Do people like your posts? When you engage with your audience, do they reply? What do you have to offer potential followers and your current followers? Yes, you do need a business mentality if you want to do well on social media. There is a saturation of accounts on social media, so what makes yours different from others?

Guess what? If you want to stand out and gain followers, you were already born with the power to do so. All you have to do is be yourself and be authentic. That’s why you follow others, right? Because they share who they are with you, whether they are genuinely interested in fashion or if they are comedic, etc. If you could share yourself with other people online, they will follow and engage with you naturally.

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It gives you that instant gratification but in the long run, it will hurt. Here’s how:

  • These followers (or bots), also known as ghost followers won’t engage in your content and will hurt your engagement rate which should be at least be 3% of your following
  • Other people and brands will notice and will UNFOLLOW you which will hurt your reputation online
  • It doesn’t make your life better (neither do real followers)
  • Over time, as new people see your profile and start following you, the bots will be removed by Instagram or unfollow you automatically, hereby making your following stay at the same number for days, months and possibly even years
  • Because your engagement rate is low, the algorithm will not favour your posts and will bury it at the end of your followers’ timelines

INSTEAD, focus on your social media strategy. Focus on being authentic and the people will follow. The most common advice is to be consistent and learn what works for you, that is the only way your social media will be shared and seen by others.

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