Travel in Style this Season

How to travel minimally without compromising your style

Whether we have tickets booked or are dreaming about escaping the oncoming cold winter, it is the best to travel with the most convenience.

After watching Tothe9’s Youtube video about how they managed to spend 3 weeks in 6 different countries with only one carry on each, we have been convinced that traveling in style can also mean traveling with efficiency.

For a quick summary of the video, Cassie and Ricci did not even compromise their style for their vacation! So how did they do it?

They did it with the help of Calpak. It’s very obvious that you’ve seen this brand all over Instagram, or even at the hands of your favourite influencers expressing how much they love it.

This video not only speaks for itself but also shows why it’s important to understand your style, be comfortable in whatever you wear however you choose to wear it, and enjoy your vacation in a minimal manner while still being able to make those highly requested Instagram posts.

These ladies were also very honest about their struggles at the airport especially when it came to having some of their make-up thrown away. If you are traveling soon and are thinking about purchasing these bags, then this video is a very helpful resource as we learn from their lessons and listen to their technique.

We felt like it was important to share this with you incase you are like us, and find it hard to find what to wear when you travel and what to pack.

Check out the video:


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