African Fashion Week 2018: Recap

An inside look into African Fashion Week 2018

African Fashion Week 2018
The Globe and Mail
Kyle Gervacy, Kwesiya, French Couture, Zalahari, Andreas Dresses, Phresh Empire, Nykwale, Africana by Adebayo Jones, and Eden Myles

African Fashion Week 2018 was a delightful and inspiring experience full of highly talented designers. The event was filled with ready-to-wear items and creative avante-garde designs. The venue, in the middle of downtown was stunning with a beautiful view of the CN Tower and Toronto skyline. The event set up was glamorous and insta-ready. It was a wonderful way to network with people, shop, and meet the designers. The runway experience was exceptional and the designs were stunning. The designers showcased different designs with mixed textures and patterns making for perfect inspiration for men and women. Below are pictures of the event with the designer’s name and their designs.

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