Summer 2018 Essentials: Sunglasses

Now that the sun is out and shining bright, one summer staple to have on you at all times are sunglasses. Summer allows the opportunity to be stylish with your sunglasses. Here are 5 trendy sunglasses and the reason to have them in your wardrobe this summer:

Festival Gear

It is festival season and all the outdoor festivals and concerts call for sunglasses to be a staple item in our bags. This is your opportunity to style them along with your festival outfit.

Give off Cool Girl Vibes

You get the memo! You can use sunglasses to effortlessly dress your outfit up.

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Lunch Date

Summer is also a great time for restaurant patios and it’s best to have your sunglasses around so you can eat in the sun and stylishly protect your eyes from it.


Cat-eye sunglasses and small sunglasses are trendy this summer and why not indulge in the trend, especially when it matches your outfit so seamlessly?

Roof Top/Patio Season

Why let the sun obstruct your view of the CN Tower while you are dinning at a fancy rooftop in Toronto?

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