Influencer Spotlight: Deblina Das

My blog is about fashion, luxury, good food, and travel. I like to put my experiences around the world into my blog through my words. I’m not that consistent because of my schedule but I’m trying my best to produce great content. I love photography and shooting great flat-lays as well. My personal style is being comfy and chic. I also have an obsession for make-up.

I’m yet to discover my style but generally I live in comfortable everyday pieces. I like prints but I’m more into monochrome and muted coloured clothing. White and black reign my wardrobe.

As I studied Fashion Media in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, I have a slight affinity towards French fashion. I love luxury French labels and look up to their brand value. Also, I’m a great fan of sporty style trends.

As a newbie in the fashion scene, I really don’t have any tips for other eminent style bloggers in the city but I can say that just staying true to yourself helps a lot. Just wear whatever you’re most comfortable in and not to try to impress others but yourself.

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